Bi-directional Afaan Oromo-English Statistical Machine Translation

yitayew solomon, Million Meshesha, WENDESEN ENDALE



English is a language that is widely spoken on different parts of the world. Most of the published literatures are available in English. Afaan Oromo language is one of the language spoken in Ethiopia, It is obvious that both Afaan Oromo and English speakers need the data or documents written in English or Afaan Oromo and they also need to communicate with each other. However, the communication gap needs to be bridged; therefore, handling this problem initiate this study to design a bi-directional Afaan Oromo-English statistical machine translation. In order to conduct the study the corpus was collected from different online sources which are parallel corpus suitable for machine translation. Experimental results shows that 18 % and 35 % BLEU score was registered from English-Afaan Oromo and from Afaan Oromo-English respectively. Word correspondence variation is the major challenge for this study. We are now working towards designing an optimal alignment for bi-directional Afaan Oromo-English statistical machine translation.

Key word: Statistical machine translation; Sentence level alignment; Afaan Oromo.

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