Safeguarding E-Commerce Functioning in A Digitized Environment

Zainab Abbas, Himanshu Kushwaha, Ashwani Kumar


The reverberations of the Digital era has transformed the economy is unimaginable ways. Extraordinary developments are being witnesses with changing times. There has been a remarkable growth in network externalities as it tenders to the requirement of its multi users. With the advancement of digitized environment, the routine transactions are being effected without employing cash regularly. This perhaps can be subjected to individual notion about preferences and its validity depends upon its employment. In view of such occurrence, the safety of the ongoing transactions has become a matter of utmost concern. Cyber security is being termed as the need of the hour with the growing E-transactions and E- commerce. The entire realm of safeguarding the assets is based on the infrastructure and capacity of the deployed measures to keep the services in place. This paper will highlight the outcome of different security methods employed in the implementation of web based business along with its authenticity.

Keywords- Information Technology, I.T., E Commerce Security, Digitization, Cashless economy.

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