Analysis of Customer Acceptance Factors Against Internet Banking PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk

taruma leo


The value of the benefits of information systems in


banking aims to provide more effective and efficient services for

the community. To support customer transactions so as to provide


ease in the transaction process either in terms of time or


financially. Internet Banking Bank BRI is an information system


created to support BRI's customer transactions to transact online


and real time easily and quickly. Measuring the success of BRI


Internet Banking implementation is needed to know the factors of


success and failure in the successful implementation. Analyze


factors used as a measurement evaluation tool with BRI Internet


Banking users as respondents. The results obtained from the


measurement is an increase in the use of Internet Banking BRI


and recommendations that can be given in increasing the Internet Banking BRI users. The conclusion is that the acceptance of Internet Banking is more influenced by user satisfaction supported by the quality of the system and the quality of service

Keywords: Internet Banking Bank BRI, Analyze Factors, Information System.



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