Micro Finance – A Tool for the Development of Self Help Groups (SHG) in Tamil Nadu

Anudevi J, Saifil Ali


Self help groups plays an important role in differentiating between consumer credit and production credit, analyzing the credit system for its implication and changes in economy, culture and social position of the target groups, providing easy access to credit and facilitating group/organization for effective control, ensuring repayments and continuity through group dynamics; setting visible norms for interest rates, repayment schedules, gestation period, extension, writing of bad debts; and assisting group members in getting access to the formal credit institutions. This paper forms part of an analytical research study on the role of microfinance factors in the development of Self help group in Tamil Nadu state. The study was conducted with a sample of 560 members of self help groups belonging to different districts in Tamil Nadu, using multistage sampling and stratified sampling.  It has been found that the factors influencing self help groups are socio economic benefits, perception, gain availed, social security, social relationship with respect to microfinance. It is recommended that the resources should be utilised in the efficient way to develop self help groups in the state.

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