Chronologic Alteration of the Three-Dimensional Arrangement of Collagen and Elastic Fibers of skin in Capra hircus

mahima tripathi



Fibrous component of connective tissue matrix in skin classified in to main three fibres collagen, elsctic and reticulin. The present studies based on ultra structure of collagen and elastin fibrous components by light and electron mocirscopy. the intracellular biosynthesis of collagen, and elastin fibers in Capra hircus skin is of significant importance. The process subsequently involve the extracellular changes involving fibrogenesis and crosslinking pattern which ensures that these fibrils are responsible for producing fibers and fascicles  ultimately become the major supporting tissues of the skin. The formation and stability of collagen and elastin fibres show a specific pattern in different age groups. Initially formed small fibres present in young skin aggregate further to form the large diameter fibres observed in older skin samples and the ultimate fibre diameter, apparently fairly specific for different regions and reached upto 200 nm in skin.

Key words: Fibrous component, Collagen, elastin, TEM and D-banding pattern

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