In silico studies on Phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial 16s rRNA genes of Marine Mammals (Vertebrata: Mammalia: Carnivora, Cetacea and Sirenia)

M Jagannath, B Rohini Krishna, R Prasuja


The present work has been undertaken for predicting evolutionary relationship of marine mammals employing 16s rRNA mitochondrial genes of 63 species of Marine mammals of three Orders viz. Cetaceae (38 species), Carnivora (23 Species) and Sirenia (2 Species), downloaded from NCBI Genbank database revealed interesting results.  To accomplish the task, numerous bioinformatics tools were employed. The results depicted that the Order Cetacea was recently evolved among other Orders under investigation. The phylogenetic tree also revealed that, among all the species of the Order Cetacea, Family Delphinidae to which marine dolphins belong, were recently evolved. Similarly, among the species of Order Carnivora, Family Phocidae to which seals belong, were recently evolved. The terrestrial animals such as Hippopotamus amphibious, Ursus arctos and Elephas maximus showed close relationships with these marine mammals, which was also validated by the previous investigators.

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