Chandrashekhar Uppin


Cloud computing is a kind of computing system in which the various hardware, software and applications share their facilities on the Internet. In general cloud computing is a technology based on virtual technology.  The current research aims to study the usage of Cloud Computing by various organizations in India and how much it impacts the business in order to help them in accomplishing their strategic goals and functions. Total 134 companies were studied and Primary data was collected from them using structured questionnaire. The sample was targeted on the the basis of Sector and Size. Descriptive Analysis, Cross Tabulations and Independent Sample T-Test were conducted through SPSS software for the analysis. The result shows that many organizations outsource their IT functions and resources and take help of external service providers to facilitate them with the cloud computing technology. Majority, do not prefer own cloud computing infrastructure due to cost and complexity. The cloud computing has been incorporated in organisational business strategy and functions in order to achieve organizational goals and make the IT functions more simplified.

Keywords : Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Internet.

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