Investigations on Power Electronic Controller Regulating Brushless Induction Generator for Variable Speed Constant Voltage Output

Bhagwan Shree Ram, Abraham George


Waves at deep sea can have a shape that is close to sinusoidal wave.A self-cascaded machine is a single unit version of two separateinduction machines connected in cascade. This self-cascade machine has thepotential to be used as a Brushless Induction Generator (BIG). It has twostator windings namely the output winding and the excitation winding and a multi-phase short circuited rotor winding. The output and excitation windings are wound for two different pole numbers. These statorwindings could be in the form of two independent winding or a singlewinding. Excitation is provided through the excitation winding and power isextracted from output winding.The proposed machine model is investigated for the Variable SpeedConstant Voltage (VSCV) system (such as wave energy based powergeneration using BIG). In this scheme, it is aimed atachieving a constant DC voltage at the output of the rectifier irrespective of the variation in the prime mover speed. To achieve this, two MOSFET based PI controllers are used. The actual rectifier output voltage ismeasured with isolation and compared with the reference value. The experimentalinvestigations clearly illustrate that the proposed VSCV system using BIG is afeasible concept. Thestudy shows that understanding problems of considerable complexity at system level can be done with great speed and ease with thepresent tools and models developed in this investigation.

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