Online Travel Reviews as an enabler for travel planning

Dr. Pawan Gupta, Ankita Devnath


Internet has become an important source of information and is used extensively everyday by internet users. The internet or World Wide Web is now characterized by Web2.0 as termed that defines the dynamic and participatory nature of internet where internet users can post text, video or photos online. This has given way to huge amount of user generated content (UGC) online. One of the prominent UGC is reviews posted by customers regarding the product and services they have used. In travel industry these online reviews play a very important part as they act as word of mouth for potential tourists. Travel planning is a high involvement and extensive decisions process requiring a lot of information due to intangible nature of this industry. It can be divided into many stages ranging from pre, during and post trip and requires a lot of information at all stages. This paper tries to find how the online travel reviews help tourists in travel planning



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