New Service Solutions For The New e-m-Administration

Kenan Vehabović, Mirzo Selimić, Mladen Radivojević


Now the public administration can offer its service to the citizens and business systems not only electronically but also via mobile devices. In this paper, we are dealing with the innovative public administrations and serving activities by which is achived it. We present, how the innovative public administrations by its new business and serving solutions ensure the satisfaction of the users by its services. We follow the challenges of the e-m- Administration and its connecting with the upcoming technologies  and new design of serving. Designing of the new concept of e-m- Administration is inextricably linked with the appropriate changes and managing those changes.The change starts of that moment when the public administration starts to think on the other way which later changes into the new form of behaviour and serving. In order for the “new“ public administration could efficiently provide the service, it should have a different serving chain which is first of all effective, efficient and flexible.

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