“Analysis of the relation between Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Indices in Geospatial Technology: A case study of Nashik by using LANDSAT 8 image.”

Kiran Hugade, Subhash Nikam


The present study was the attempt to find out the relation between the remote sensing Indices with LST of the study area. The study area is located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats. The GIS technique was used to extract the indices of the Landsat 8 OLI image in ARC GIS. The extracted information of indices displayed in the thematic maps. With the help of MS-Excel the statistical analysis was carried out for the calculation of Indices with LST. As almost the maximum number of the study related to surface temperature was carried out by using the relationship between NDVI with LST. The result of LST with NDVI was negatively correlated; same result was found in this study. But the extracted SAVI index and its relation with LST is much more negatively correlated than NDVI. The relation of NDVI, SAVI and SI was negatively correlates with LST, while the indices like BRBA, UI and MNDVI was positively correlated with LST

Keyword: - Land Surface Temperature, Indices, Statistical Analysis.



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