Removal of Objectionable Material from Kerosene Range Hydrocarbon

Narendra Selukar


Kerosene is commonly used as solvent in industry as well as fuel for domestic purposes. It mainly consists of paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons of the range C11 to C14. Some impurities like sulphur and its derivative are also associated with kerosene. Aromatic hydrocarbon particularly benzene is highly carcinogenic in nature. Similarly sulphur also creates problem of pollution, corrosion and deactivation of catalyst. Traditional method adopted in refinery for removal of aromatics and sulphur is very costly. A work is carried out to reduce concentration of aromatic hydrocarbon as well as sulphur from kerosene range hydrocarbon by using simple technique. The work shows that simple adsorption technique by using different adsorbent can able to reduce the concentration of above species to minimum level. The adopted technique is highly eco-friendly, economical and efficient.


Kerosene, sulphur in kerosene, desulphurization of kerosene, aromatic hydrocarbons, aniline point enhancement, smoke point enhancement.

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