Business Intelligence in Healthcare Organisations

neeraj beeknoo


Business Intelligence (BI) has been adopted in large enterprises but there is a lack of in-depth research on using BI in healthcare organisations, and nowadays they are becoming an important beneficiary of BI systems. The need for a more systematic and deliberate study on BI and the factors that allow for success in BI initiatives in healthcare organizations is crucial. Therefore, this study attempts to identify the possibilities of using BI systems in healthcare sector and the benefits as well as the challenges occurred due to BI systems implementation. Benefits achieved when health care organisations using BI systems are consolidation and protection of data, efficiency improvement, increase revenues and reduce costs, reduction of medical errors and improved patients safety, resource planning and scheduling, improved transparency, decision making, margins, monitoring, patient satisfaction, patient treatment and care. The healthcare sector has many limitations related to the implementation of BI namely challenges to handle information systems, quality and data standards, selection of information and identifying key areas requiring support and IT infrastructure and technologies.

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