Micro System for Body Sensor Network

Deepak Choudhary


Recent years have seen the rapid development ofbiosensor technology, system-on-chip design and wirelesstechnology and ubiquitous computing. When assembled into anautonomous body sensor network (BSN), the technologiesbecome powerful tools in well-being monitoring, medicaldiagnostics, and personal connectivity. In this paper, wedescribe the first demonstration of a fully customized mixedsignalsilicon chip that has most of the attributes required foruse in a wearable or implantable BSN. Our intellectual-propertyblocks include low-power analog sensor interface fortemperature and pH, a data multiplexing and conversionmodule, a digital platform based around microcontroller, dataencoding for spread-spectrum wireless transmission, and a RFsection requiring very few off-chip components. The chip hasbeen fully evaluated and tested by connection to externalsensors, and it satisfied typical system requirements.



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