Web-based Intelligent Tutorial System: It’s Design & Development

S Mehdi Hasan Rizvi, Prof Surya Prakash Tripathi



Present Intelligent and web-based E-learning is one of regarded topics. So researchers are trying to optimize and expand its application in the field of education. The aim of this paper is developing of E-learning software which is customizable, dynamic, intelligent and adaptive with Pedagogy view for learners in intelligent schools. This system is an integration of adaptive web-based E- learning with expert systems as well. Learning process in this system is as follows. First intelligent tutor determines learning style and characteristics of learner by a questionnaire and then makes his model.  After that the expert system simulator plans a pre-test and then calculates his score. If the learner gets the required score, the concept will be trained. Finally the learner will be evaluated by a post-test. The proposed  system  can  improves  the  education  efficiency  highly  as  well  as decreases the costs and problems of an expert tutor.  As a result, every time and everywhere  (ETEW)  learning  would  be  provided  via  web  in  this  system. Moreover the learners can enjoy a cheap remote learning even at home in a virtual simulated physical class.   So they can learn thousands courses very simple and fast.


Expert Tutor, Intelligent Learning, E-learning, Web-based learning

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