Translation of Entity Relational Model to Dimentional Model

Savita Kadyan


Maturity of Star model for data warehouse (DW) requires sufficient amount of time, knowledge, proficiency and enough familiarity of data warehouse designing. As an substitute to data warehouse designing steps, transformation techniques are used. These techniques transform Entity Relational model (of relational OLTP) to Star model/s. We here present and evaluate a systematic approach for transformation of Entity Relational model to Star model. On experimenting, we prove that, by using our approach, inexpert designers can produce Star models alike to the star models produced by qualified data warehouse designers.

An ER model can be transformed into dimensional models by a method of selective subsetting, denormalization, and (optional) summarization. Understanding the relationship between the two types of models can help to bridge the gap between operational system (OLTP) design and data warehouse (OLAP)  design.   Concluding, it results in a more complete dimensional design, which is less dependent on the designer’s capability to choose the “right” proportions.



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