Emotion Detection through Text: Survey

Kashif Kashif, Sher Hayat, Muhammad Ejaz Khan


The survey will present recent work in the field of Emotion Detection through text. As to know that a lot of work is expected to be done in the field of Emotion detection through text. Emotion can be expressed through different ways it could be in the form of facial expression, speech or written text. Human can recognized the emotions through different ways but this is how a system recognized emotions. In this paper we will describe some recognition rules, methodologies like keyword based, lexical based, and knowledge based methods. We will apply some normalization techniques on sentences to know the emotion in a sentence. This survey report will present some limitations on text based emotions. This survey focuses on to solve somehow the problems which we are facing in emotion detection. Emotion plays an important role in social interaction and has strong connection with human body and brain signals. This survey will focus on SVM, KNN, HMM, Byes classification and will identify advantages and disadvantages.

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