A Knowledge-Based Decision Support System To Enhance Learning Ability

Sudhakar Dattoba Bhoite


The globalization & liberalization  has triggered lot of pressure on every aspects of human life, which  do not spare academic field also. As the dramatic revolution in field of Information Technology has witnessed in recent years, due cause academic field is facing stiff challenges. To tackle with the problems that are faced by today’s academia, especially IT Schools, various ways have been suggested by various academicians and leading experts in the arena.



We present a Knowledge Based Decision Support System for solving the problems that are faced by IT Schools. Knowledge based decision making supports the IT School heads/Mentors to deploy effective strategies as well as provides solutions for the typical problems of rendering quality IT education and finally to achieve the academic excellence by keeping a pace with the changing technology and IT industry needs in this rapidly maturing information age. The proposed system not only helps in decision making process but it posses the capability to situation analysis and aids knowledge workers in finding course of action to be followed.



Keywords : Knowledge Based System; Decision Support system

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