Effect of Ethanol as a Blending Agent on Gum Formation Tendency of Gasoline

Narendra Bapuraoji Selukar


Commercial Gasoline available in the market always has a tendency to form deposits known as “gum”. Solvent washed gum can contribute to deposits on the surface of carburetors, fuel injectors, intake manifolds, ports, valves and valve guides. Thus, to avoid these problems, standard limit is given for maximum allowable gum formed by gasoline fuel. Now-a-days, alcohol blended gasoline fuel is used. The impact of solvent washed gum on malfunctions of modern engines that can operate on ethanol fuel blends has not been fully established. An attempt has been made to determine the trend of gum formation tendency of ethanol blended fuel.


Fuel, Gasoline, Alcohol, Ethanol Blended Fuel, Gum Formation.

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