Inhibition by 4-Chloro-2-fluorobenzylamine Hydrochloride for Corrosion for mild Steel in HCl Media

raheem aziz hussein


In this paper were studied inhibition by 4-Chloro-2-fluorobenzylamine Hydrochloride for corrosion for mild steel in HCl media with inhibitor concentrations 100-300 ppm and temperatures 40-60 C, where show results that inhibitor above is from good type for mild steel and these above conditions, thus efficiency of inhibition increase with increasing inhibitor concentrations and decreasing temperatures. weight loss and hydrogen gas evolution methods were used in process , and the activation energy increase with increasing inhibitor concentration  thus energy enthalpy and free energy of adsorption with increased ,adsorption be chemisorption with addition inhibitors. Existence atoms chlorine, fluorine and H2N in structure of inhibitor have clear indicator in formation film layer on metal surface and stopped from corrosion reaction in process.


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