Effect of pH on commercially applicable Pectinase enzyme derived from Strain improved Aspergillus Niger using Agro-industrial waste by solid state fermentation process

Vibha sharma, Dr. Poonam Rishishwar


Pectinase is a general term for enzymes that break down pectin. These are widely distributed in nature and are produced by bacteria, yeast, fungi and plants. Chemically pectinase is poly (1, 4 a-D) galctouronide glycano hydrolase, poly (1, 4-a-d galacturonide lyase, and pectin pectyl hydrolase. Based on it's mode of action and substrate preference these enzyme are classified into Protopectinases, which solubilize protopectin, forming soluble pectin, Esterase [pectin methyl esterase and pectin acetyl esterase] which eliminate methoxy and acetyl residues from pectin giving rise to polygalcturonic acid, and Depolyrnerases, which break the glycoside (1-4) bonds b/w galacturonis residue via, hydrolysis (Polygalacturonases) and trans elimination (Pectin lyases and pectate lyase). The enzymatic activity of pectinase differs with pH and like all other enzymes it also has a range of pH for maximal activity. The present study is focused on the effect of pH on commercially applicable pectinase enzyme derived from Strain improved Aspergillus Niger using Agro-industrial waste by solid state fermentation process. Though the derived pectinase showed activity till pH 6 the maximal activity was at pH 4.5.Pectinase enzyme has commercial values in different industries such as Food industry, Textile industry, Paper industry, Poultry industry etc.

Keywords: Pectinolytic enzyme, Microbes in pectinase, Optimal pH, Fermentation condition and Industrial Application.


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