Improved opportunistic routing algorithm for selection of relay nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sangheethaa S, Arun Korath


Wireless Sensor Networks are predominantly used in many applications like military monitoring, hospital monitoring, industry monitoring etc. The sensor nodes are used for detecting physical quantities like temperature, pressure, fire also detecting presence of man, animal and any other entities. The sensor nodes monitor and collect data from different nodes and transmit it to the sink node. The energy spent in reception and transmission should be in such a way that there should be no energy holes. The life time of the network should be increased. Routing plays an important role in saving energy. This paper proposes an opportunistic routing algorithm based on [1], and overcomes the pitfalls of that paper. The simulation study is done in ns2 and the results prove that the proposed routing protocol is improved and efficient compared to existing protocol.


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. Ns2-

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