ICT in e-Tourism : A Paradigm shift

Sarita Kaushik, Rajni Sharma


:- Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized the functioning of business all over the world. Its impact has been felt mostly in the information dependent industries. Reservation systems, distributed multimedia systems, electronic markets, and the leading position of tourism applications in Internet are visible results of this development. The Importance of Information Technology in Tourism, Especially of the World Wide Web, has increased tremendously over the past years and this trend will certainly continue. ICT is crucial to the tourism industry and its success. As information is the livelihood of tourism, ICT provide both opportunities and challenges for the industry. The current tourism industry should improve its competitiveness, by utilizing the emerging ICT and innovative management methods.  This paper provides an overview for the operation of technology in tourism , It examines the impact of ICT on tourism industry and the new and innovative technologies which are used in tourism industry thus a paradigm shift. It also indicates the problems and issues concerning information technology applications in tourism.


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