Zincborophosphate glasses doped with Tb3+ ions for green emission– Spectroscopic studies.

Chebrolu Linga Raju, S. Hima Bindu, T. Rajavardhana Rao


The present study reports the preparation of various concentrations of Tb3+ ions doped zincborophosphate glasses and analysis by XRD, FTIR, optical, emission and decay curve spectras. The effect of borate groups on the phosphate was evidenced by FTIR spectroscopy. The JO intensity parameters was calculated using Judd-Offlet theory. The fluroscence spectra of Tb3+ doped zincborophosphate glasses revealed the efficient blue and green emissions due to 5D3 and 5D4 excited levels to 7FJ ground state respectively. The decay curves exhibits single exponential curves for all the Tb3+ ion concentrations. Various radiative and fluorescence parameters are calculated using JO intensity parameters. Based on the results obtained in the present study, the Tb3+ ions doped zincborophosphate glasses behaves as a efficient laser active materials for high intensity emissions in the green region.

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