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MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) is one statutory body responsible for providing infrastructure for industrial units.  MIDC have elaborate road network of 2826 Kms of length. MIDC has spent Rs. 18820 Millions on development and maintenance of road network, which is @ 32% of total development expenditure. Pavement is one of the major infrastructures of Corporation. The maintenance system used for preserving road network is insufficient to assist in decision making during the design life of pavements. A system has been presented to facilitate the decision maker for prioritizing maintenance strategy for the industrial pavements in order to reduce the deterioration.  The Concept of Pavement Management System is already established for National Highway and State highway network in India. However it’s relatively new for small establishments. Pavement is one of the prime infrastructural elements for MIDC area.  This paper embodies the effort done for establishing Pavement Maintenance Priority Index (MPI).


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