Minakshi Dattatraya Bhosale


Today’s world is a world of globalization, industrialization and Information Technology (IT). This beginning of the Internet and the popularity of personal computers offered both; an opportunity and a challenge for the banking industry. The accessibility and dynamism of the Internet bring both benefits and risks. Insufficient knowledge of Internet banking technology and fear about security risk, customers was avoided to use Internet banking services. Hence, took these things into consideration researcher developed web based “ Internet banking security software” guide for customers those are doing Internet banking transactions. If the customer uses these all stages properly, then this software provides an extremely secure environment to the customer. This software provides guidelines for the customer to update the operating system, antivirus, Ms-office, Adobe acrobat reader and Flash software. Provide guidelines for removal of spyware like Trojan, malware, key logger, viruses. Before doing Internet banking transaction, customer checks password strength. Keep a backup of all Internet banking transactions through the mail, provide a demo of encryption, decryption of connection string and a query string. The software provides the facility to customers through that customer directly connects to any bank in the Satara district. Hence the problem of fake URL and fake site is avoided. It will help to avoid phishing. At the end software provide facility of removing sessions and cookies. Through this facility session created by particular customer during Internet banking transactions is removed hence problem of hacking is controlled. Hence this software is the best guide of customer those are using Internet banking service.


Keyword: - Internet banking, hacking, phishing, query string, connection string.

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