User File and Storage Protection Mechanisms (UFSPM) in Untrusted Environment of Distributed Storage System: A Survey

Muhammad Raza, Riskhan Basheer


Recently, the security of client in the cloud that is operating in the untrusted environment of network is very big and active issue in the field computer science such as distributed system, storage system and data transmission in untrusted environment. The main aim of deploying the distributed storage in the untrusted environment is to provide transparency between client and storage system. It also gives the ability to use any application and store the data on remote server without any extra procedures that are carried out in centralized system. Traditional distributed storage systems are directly applicable to untrusted environment due to the nature of heterogeneous, their special characteristics, and having no limitations of the storage system. This work provides an overview of how traditional storage algorithms are revised and improved to achieve good performance in a distributed storage systems in untrusted environment. A comprehensive survey of existing distributed storage systems techniques and their multilevel classification scheme is presented. The classification together with the relative study can be used as a guideline to select a technique suitable for the application at hand for distributed storage systems in untrusted environment.

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