The Role of IT-Enabled Supply Chains on the Indian FMCG Market

KAMESWARA RAO PORANKI, Dr. Asif Perwej, Mrs Nikhat Akhtar


In the present globalized Marketing environment, the marketers has a cherished dream to capture a sizeable market share compared to his competitors. Particularly, in the Indian context there are innumerable opportunities for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)industry that has high potential to garner rich returns to various companies. The researchers of this paper has focused on how to get the benefit of latest IT technologies in the retail supply chains with reference to C class towns at Tamil Nadu. The main emphasis in this paper was to identify the strategies followed by various FMCG companies to improve close customer relationships. To this end a study was conducted to know the role of IT usage to improve the performance of retail supply chains. This paper is exploratory and descriptive in nature, wherein much of the information about the existing supply chains has been extracted through interviews with the retailers and wholesalers of FMCG majors.


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ISBN : 0-9742114-6-X

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