Security Framework for Federated Cloud Environment

Ghulam Mudassir, Tauseef Rehman


Abstract : Recently emergence of cloud computing drastically brought a revolution in the field of Information technology as well as in the perception of user about software delivery, development and architecture of infrastructure. Cloud computing architecture consisted on the element of grid computing, autonomic computing and utility computing. The fast pace of cloud computing utilization indulge the user of these systems into critical issue like security of the data. For this purpose cloud computing environment required an efficient mechanism or technique because it contains different kinds of private data, business transaction and different resources as well. In this paper we have proposed a unique model to solve the security issues especially regarding the security of storage data. Actually this model consisted on four layers two types of agents (CSU agents , CSP agents ) and trust management layer have two modules (Security management module, trust management module) for checking the identification and trust of accessing user.

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