The Level of Customer Satisfaction related to GSM in India

KAMESWARA RAO PORANKI, Dr. Yusuf Perwej, Dr. Asif Perwej


The spectacular growth in GSM is a consequence of its popularity in rapidly growing markets, such as China, India, Africa and Latin America. Historically, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) was first launched in Finland in 1991 and at the time of writing about 700 mobile networks provide GSM services in more than 200 countries. China, Russia, India and the USA are the countries having the highest number of subscribers. It is clearly evident that mobile phones are 'bridging the digital divide' at an astonishing rate with relevant, affordable solutions that help families stay in touch, businesses to grow and economies to develop. This demand has stimulated the design of reliable, robust and yet low-cost GSM handsets. The spreading of communications technology with GSM networks has turned the world into a global village. We, in this paper have made an earnest attempt to understand the level of customer satisfaction in the city of Greater Noida,  New Delhi, India among the student community.

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