Cloud Computing-Blessing or Curse, A conceptual view

Apeksha Hooda, Ela Kashyap Sharma


Cloud Computing is very buzzing word these days. This technology has really changed the ways that business houses used to follow to manage their IT infrastructure especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Cloud computing is a blessing not only for business houses but for individuals also as it has opened the door of many new opportunities for them. Almost every company has now started thinking about investing into cloud computing to make their job of managing IT infrastructure easy. It has now become a kind of fad. But behind this fad many issues are there which need to be addressed like deciding kind of cloud to invest in and kind of service to adopt including many other issues which are discussed in this paper. These issues should be taken into consideration before going for cloud computing otherwise this blessed invention of IT may take the form of curse as happened with Sony company recently in April, 2011.

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