Decision process on Health care provider – A Patient outlook: Structural equation modeling approach

Ms. Sharanya Paranthaman, Dr. S.Sheela Rani, Ms. Sanjana Keerthi


Patients’ needs and expectations have to be clearly understood by the hospitals in order to deliver better health care service. Consumer Behaviour is the study about how individuals, groups, and organizations choose, buy, utilise and dispose of goods, services, ideas and experiences to satisfy their needs and wants. It helps us to know when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product, or a service and also attempts to apprehend the consumer decision making process, both individually and in groups. Cognitive processes, involving thought, experiences and senses of the buyer also play a crucial role in determining the buyer’s choices. A consumer plays three diverse roles such as user, payer and buyer.  The current study was done in order to analyse, as to why a patient chooses a particular health care provider. Data were collected from 120 patients of the corporate hospitals located in Chennai. In order to evaluate the association between variables used in the model, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used for analysis of data. The result of the study showed that, there is an absolute fit and reveals that the proposed model is acceptable among the variables, satisfying the recommended values.


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