Zooplankton Diversity of Masooli and Yeldari reservoirs in Parbhani district, Maharashtra, India with Reference to the Physico-Chemical Parameters

Md. Babar Ab. Razak Shaikh, Sunil Uttamrao Kadam, Sandhya S Kadam


The physicochemical parameters and zooplankton diversity of Masooli and Yeldari reservoirs are evaluated for the period three seasons (i.e. summer, winter and monsoon seasons) during 2012. The physico-chemical parameters like water temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, alkalinity, total hardness, transparency, turbidity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, boilogical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), chlorides, sulphates and phosphate. Zooplanktons were examined quantitatively and with standard identification methods. Zooplankton occupies an important position structure of Lake Ecosystem and plays a key role in the energy transfer. The zooplanktons were identified into four major groups comprises of copepods, cladocera, Ostracoda and rotifers. Zooplankton composition is generally higher in the summer months, moderate in winter and lower in the monsoon months. The above study shows that the reservoirs are less polluted as well as with good potential for fish production.

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