Use of Information Systems in State Planning Departments in India

Dr. Ambika Bhatia, Prof. Gurpartap Singh


All the State Governments in India have Planning Departments, under one name or the other, to look after economic planning in the respective states. The position and effectiveness of the State Planning Departments (and other planning machinery) varies from state to state. As making, implementation and monitoring of plans is a complex task, there has been a growing realization about using information systems to carry out various tasks. There is need to develop an effective system for monitoring the implementation of Plan schemes and programmes, so that feedback from the same could be used for time to time correction of sectoral strategy and removal of bottlenecks in implementation. Large scale computerization of the functioning of the State Planning Departments can accomplish speed and accuracy in the matter of compilation of reports and returns, monitoring of implementation, regular processing of data and their analysis. This paper tries to explore and understand the extent of use of Information Systems for various purposes in the State Planning Departments. The websites of 28 states were scanned to garner information about the information systems being used. It was found that use of computerised information systems is slowly catching up but a lot more needs to be done.


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