Building IT/IS strategic objects by focusing on the IT/IS economic concept and holistic integrated management approach

Munir El Khatib


The majority of decision makers from all business and organizational levels have absolute agreement about the essential role of IT in enforcing business in a new paradigm.

Decision making and its life cycle is not an exception. It will be transformed too, and in both directions (top – down and bottom – up) by enforcing IT innovation and domination.

Businesses are directed by growing corporate business ideology. This corporate ideology forms the basis from which most, if not all, of the company's goals, initiatives, and ultimately direction, are derived. This same ideology developed different planning methodologies where IS are among its products, meanwhile IT has greatly contributed to the evolution of the planning methodologies.

Thus, IT has defined its business interrelation, and its value as an essential business variant. This variant added itself to the requirements of business success as “success in business also requires the mastering of IT.”

In this paper, the researcher highlighted:

1) The IT/IS strategic focus through the IT impact analysis on business strategy and operations

2) The Main business-IT/IS transformation strategic approaches (strategic blocks): Enterprise Resource planning (ERP), Supply chain management (SCM), Customer relationship management (CRM) & Partner relationship management (PRM), and Business intelligence (BI) from the:

a)      IT/IS economic concept in Building IT strategic objects and

b)      Holistic integrated management approach through the mechanism of Integrated enterprise management (IEM) and it’s pillars (Building foundation layers, Sense and response, and IT-business transparency)

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