Phytochemical Investigation of the most important phenolic compounds in Moringa oleifera L. cultivated in Iraq

Dhuha abdul Saheb Alshammaa


-This work was aimed to extract and characterize flavonoids and phenolic acids presented in both seeds and leaves of Moringa oleifera L.,that cultivated in Iraq for the first time, by using Soxhlet apparatus and then the extract was analyzed using GC-MS and  RP- HPLC with reference standards to identified the phenolic compounds in each part of the plant,Depending on  mass fragmentation behavior, base peak and the retention time (TR).This confirmed the presence of phenolic acids such us (Vanillic, Caffeic, Chlorogenic,  Cinnamic, Coumaric, Ferulic, Syrinigic) and flavonoids such us Pinoresinol, Apigenin, Rutin, Quercetin, Myricetin and Kaempferol in each part of the plant.

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