Perceived influence of risk relievers in car purchase

Sunitha .T, Ramesh .M


The availability of multiple brands oi cars and many models increases the choice available to the consumer but also makes the decision process more complex and adds up to the perceived risk in the buying process of the car. Perceived risk represents consumer uncertainty about loss or gain in a particular transaction. Perceived risk represents consumer uncertainty about loss or gain in a particular transaction. 200 respondents were considered for the study carried out in Cuddalore district, India in last quarter of 2013. The study takes into account seventeen risk relievers that were identified as appropriate in purchase of cars. Among these relievers the impact of the most influencing relievers on first and next time purchasers and the influence of brand were studied.  Implications were drawn based on the above study Further research can be carried out on a pan India basis and by adding to the existing seventeen risk relievers.



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