Seema Rani, Dr. Neelam Shrivastva


The Cloud based environment is an automatic server based application to settle the resource to specific user or application of the system. The Cloud computing is acts as a virtualization of resources that maintains and manages itself.  It is not required to buy infrastructure to run a service.   The Cloud based services is a platform for consumer to buy the resources and storage on rent basis, and user/service can use unlimited storage and resources as per the requirement. It is requiring to pay as you go basis. The Cloud based services are sold in package system with anytime resource update. The overall cost paid by the client with respect to the usage of service is very high. Due to high cost of some services/software, the user could not get the services as the costing is very high, as most of them are priced yearly or monthly. A dynamic model will give user a flexibility to pay on usage only.


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