Geochemical Evaluation of Okaba (Odagbo) Coal Deposit, Anambra Basin, Nigeria

Onoduku Shehu Usman



Geochemical studies have been carried out on coal samples from Okaba (Odagbo) in the Anambra Basin of Nigeria to determine their geochemical characteristics and possible use as coking coal or otherwise. The geochemical characteristics of a coal determine its usability as a coking coal or as mere steam or non-coking coal. Chemical analysis of the coal samples indicated that, on average, they contain 12.64% moisture, 11.53% ash, 47.56% volatile matter, 0.69% sulphur, 75.41% organic carbon, 5.94% hydrogen, 0.008% sulphate, 0.011% pyrite, 0.23% nitrogen, 10% oxygen and 0.05% phosphorus. Analysis equally showed that the coal has low Free Swelling Index (FSI) of 0.5 and Gray-King coke type of class A. The proximate and ultimate analytical results show that the coal cannot be employed in the steel industry for the generation of substantial heat for the working of the furnace. Hence, the coal deposit in the light of the above characteristics is non-coking and thus cannot be employed in the generation of substantial heat for the working of blast furnace for iron smelting. It can however be employed as a steam coal which can be used as fossil fuel in rail locomotives, steam boat, electricity generation, smokeless briquette and the production of calcium carbide used in the manufacture of acetylene.

Key words: Okaba coal, ultimate analysis, proximate analysis,free swelling index, gray-king coke type



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