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Patient-centered care is the approach that could reduce health inequalities by preparing health care providers to deliver care that is respectful and responsive to the preferences of every patient. Patient- centered care is oneadvanced approach to the planning, distribution, and assessment of healthcare which is mutuallyvaluable among patients, families, and providers. Patient- centered care is practiced in any healthcare setting which applies to all the patients of different age groups and that is why different models for patient-centered care are designed and used. There is a need for identifying an effective tool to develop a systematic measurement process. The main purpose of the study is to give out a model for patient-centered care management process. Through literature review, the aspects of patient-centered care has been identified which has also led to decreasing average length of stay of patients, efficient and effective treatments which in turn has improved patient satisfaction. Therefore, the patient-centered care model has been recognized as an important aspect for quality health care delivery system. After identifying the aspects, data collection was done from patients by the use of judgement sampling method. For analysis, Structural equation modelling was used.The results of the study shows which aspect of patient centered care has the greater impact on each other and finally leads to doctor’s relationship with patients.


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