Silver – Tin Dental Amalgam Alloy Manufacturing By Rapid Quenching Method

Tarik Talib AlOmran, Harith J. Ibrahim


A silver – tin alloy was prepared  by melting .at 1000 C0 , in inert atmosphere and rapid quenching in ice water .  X –ray diffraction technique was used to determine distinctive phases without and with mercury (Amalgam) .Discs amalgam specimens were prepared according to the international specifications (A.D.A No.1) to study the compressive strength after one hour of setting and after seven days at 37 C0 .The margin hardness, contraction and expansion  were tested too .The corrosion resistance of amalgam immersed in an aqueous solution of  NaCl and in an phosphate (Na2 HPO4 and NaH2PO4 ) was tested . Compressive strength and hardness values obtained were batter than others types and  equivalent to the international values .The amalgam alloy showed a clear corrosion resistance .The required phases represented in the domination of    [ Gama- Ag3Sn] phase and the disappearing of [Gama2 – Sn7 – 8Hg] phase ,which cause the corrosion .



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