“A Research Paper on Rule Based System for Teaching and Learning Process for Higher Education”.

Anil Trimbakrao Gaikwad, Shambhu Shankar Rai



The Rule based System for Teaching and Learning is the important area in which the teaching and learning quality can be measured . The teaching methods involve three types of methods like lecturing method , Computer based teaching method and mixed teaching methods. The researcher have studied the methods used by teachers and method preferred by the students they have also returned the rules to find out the quality of the teaching and learning . The results are found  by Chi. Square test for the teaching and learning methods. The respondents taken for the study were 100 teachers and  100 students. The final results are very surprising and it suggests to use both Computer based and Lecturing method  of teaching learning process.

This is a decent contribution to the academics in the form of quality improvement . The authors propose to develop simulation model for the above system in future.

Keywords: Rule based System,  Quality , higher education, expert system, Chi Square Test, Teaching Methods

Abbreviations : TQM-Total Quality Management , QA-Quality Assurance

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