Teacher Self-efficacy Beliefs on the Use of an Aspect of ICT for Secondary School Biology Teaching

Thomas Bosah Igwebuike, Martha O. Egbro


The integration of ICT in biology teaching has profound effect on students’ achievement since learning is enhanced through audio and visual aids among others. Because of the paucity of computers in schools, it is likely that many teachers have low self-efficacy beliefs on the use of ICT for secondary school biology teaching. The Computer Self-Efficacy instrument was used as a tool to investigate the self-efficacy belief on the use of ICT for secondary school biology teaching by teachers. This instrument was administered on 200 randomly selected secondary school biology teachers in Warri Municipality, Nigeria, and its suburbs. A benchmark of 2.50 was used to make decisions relative to the group mean values obtained for answering the research question posed in the study. The results indicated that the secondary school biology teachers have positive self-efficacy belief in seven (7) of the ten (10) items of the research instrument. Implications of the results were discussed and suggestions were put forward about the direction for future studies.

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