Selection of suitable machine gauge by considering the GSM, shrinkage and spirality of single jersey knit fabric

Md. Azharul Islam, Abu Naser Md. Ahsanul Haque


The work deals with the analysis of spirality, shrinkage properties and fabric GSM range for different machine gauge in case of single jersey circular knit fabric. As there are different combinations of machine gauge with stitch length and yarn counts are practiced, this work is done upon the most practiced combination found in the local knitting factories. Spirality and shrinkage percentages are tested for the finished fabric and GSM is measured both for the grey fabric and finished fabric. It is found that 24 gauge machines have the most significant importance as it can cover a wide range of GSM. Not only that, the spirality and shrinkage properties of the finished fabrics had been found very much acceptable in case of 24 gauge machine rather than other gauges.


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