Use of Sodium Silicate from Rice Husk Ash Basic Materials For Coating Electrolytes in the Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles

Muhammad Sjahrul, Siti Hasmiah, Muhammad Zakir, Muhammad Maming


Magnetite nanoparticles had a measurement about 6,76 nm was synthesized through electrochemical technique in the synthetic sodium silicate solution which was gained through the extraction process of silica which content in the rice husk ash by using NaOH 1,5 M. Sodium silicate functions as electrolyte and simultaneously as a coated to maintain the size of the magnetite particle which was formed through electrolysis process. The synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles was implemented in the variation of voltage 1,5-12 V with the concentration of sodium silicate solution 100-800 ppm. The optimum synthesis condition was gained in the 7,5 voltage and 600 ppm which was detected based on the magnetite`s color of the magnetic toward the power of magnetite produced. The characterization of magnetite cluster was done through FTIR absorption data analysis, the description of particles topography and the content of magnetite element were founded out through SEM-EDX analysis, while the particles size and the characterization of magnetite by using XRD.

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