The practice of Business Process Reengineering at Bottom-line and its impact on Productivity: An experimental study of BSNL



Most companies today practised business process reengineering to enhance overall performance and efficiencies of the companies. Business process reengineering has been adopted by many companies in an effort to improve their competitive position and enhance their ability to provide customer satisfaction. It is also considered as one of the important necessities for the companies to fortify situation in the market. Decision for a reengineering process is usually taken up by upper level managers who enjoy authority. This research attempts to explore possibility of business process reengineering at the bottom line of the decision hierarchy of the company where there is limited authority for making decision to make change.  This research will provide results of an experiment on business process reengineering undertaken at the operations level in a telecom company. It studies impact of the business process reengineering on the productivity and performance of the company with the changes made at the bottom line of the decision hierarchy. The results show that there is scope for business process reengineering at the bottom line for better productivity and performance even though there exist constraints like costs and limitation in decision. Proper resource management and sound understanding of the core competencies of technologies play an effective role in adoption of business process reengineering at bottom line.


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