The Mediating Roles of Organizational Commitment on the Relationship between innovation characteristics and the technology adoption in Nigerian SMEs: Setting a New Research Agenda

abdullahi umar


This paper aims at examining the strategic position of organizational commitment as a mediating variable on the relationship between innovation characteristics and innovation adoption. It is obvious from the literature that organizational variables have significant roles to play in shaping the kind of, or the magnitude of relationship existing between innovation determinants and innovation adoption. Despite this development, very limited researches were undertaken in this direction, especially as it relates to Nigerian context. This conceptual paper specifically dwelled on Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) and Allen and Meyer’s organizational commitment theories to establish a point of departure. Two claims slated for verification in this research are (1) organizational commitment mediates the relationship between compatibility and innovation adoption. (2) Organizational commitment mediates the relationship between complexity and innovation adoption. It is expected that the paper would contribute to the exiting literature by way of depicting the mediating roles on a framework proposed herein.

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