A. Sagaya Rani, G.Dinesh Hariharan,


The communication place the most important function in todays world. It may be days or weeks to make the message available to others. Mail service details with the web site that manage the electronic way of communication. Through this research study we can create our own user id, send mails to any user and manage inbox. In addition greetings can be sent to friends and peers. We can view incoming mails and greetings and even delete them. Resume can be stored and changed whenever necessary. Any mail related report can be viewed through the site. Deletion of unwanted mails can be made to manage memory. DNS is a relatively simple, text-based protocol, in which one or more recipients of a message are specified along with the message text and possibly other encoded objects. The message is then transferred to a remote server using a procedure of queries and responses between the client and server. In this study the findings revealed that the protection level for the confidential data are low with no proper accessing rights given to the employee and also the tracking of the email ids by any person within and outside the organization.

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