Evaluating the Design of Accounting Information System and its Implementation in Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries

Sambasivam Yuvaraj, Kibret Baye Assefa


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of accounting information system design and implementation. This study give an insight in identifying better and poor performance of the AIS, and a clue of measurements to be taken in order to improve the AIS design and implementation. Data were collected from primary sources while Z-Test statistics and multiple comparison tests were used for analysis of data. The results indicate that the accounting information system design and implementation of these firms is effective at the same time as it could: enhance quality of financial reports, control and safeguard assets. The results did not indicate that the accounting information system design and implementation is effective, as it could not improve performance evaluation. It was concluded that for accounting information system design and implementation to be effective, firms’ accounting information system stakeholders are supposed to focus on: enhanced AIS design and implementation criteria and increased attention towards professional and operational standard.


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