The Impact of Tista Barrage on Socio-Economic and Environmental Conditions of its Basin Area

suraiya begum


Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Tista is one of them that flows through India and Bangladesh. The most spectacular   changes were the eastward diversion of the Tista River and ensuring development of new channel of the Jamuna which occurred in 1787 with an exceptionally high flood in the Tista. The flow of the Tista   reaches the highest during summer. When the monsoon rains  heaviest and glaciers supply abundant melt water, its lower reaches are marked by flooding   and  violent change of course .The construction of Tista Barrage   helps to provide irrigation for the plains between the upper Padma and  Jamuna which became the lifeline of  its basin area of Bangladesh. It is thus important to observe the impact of the dam on Socio-Economic and Environmental condition of  its surroundings.

In this paper, the study on the Impact of the Tista Barrage on Socio-Economic and Environmental condition of the basin area in Bangladesh part has conducted using Remote Sensing Technology undertaken by Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) .

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